Our maintenance services offered include but are not limited to ;

General Repair
Preventative Maintenance Services

If your machine breaks on a Friday, chances are you DO NOT have to wait until Monday to have it addressed. If available, we routinely do service work on weekends! Considering the possibilities of converting your pod machine to a flat table? Contact us!

Machine Tune-Ups *

****Focused maintenance for smaller to mid-sized operations****

This is one of our most used services. If your organization does not have organizational level maintenance or, if it does, but you occasionally need a higher level of assistance, allow us to perform one of our tune-up’s guaranteeing your equipment is maintained to the highest state of operational readiness. If there is nothing wrong with your machine, and you want to keep it that way, consider our machine “tune-up”. Our comprehensive and detailed Predictive Maintenance Procedure encompasses over 30 + specific focus areas of which we will audit of your machine. For most machines it takes about one day. You will receive a printout of the condition of your machine. We will calibrate your origins, tool changers, routers and boring blocks to the highest degree of accuracy attainable. Contact us for more information. It’s a check-up and maintenance session combined!


By no means is the theory of offering internet support new to industry. But we take it a step further. Troubleshooting, diagnostics, assistance, anything you can feasibly think of as an online application is fair game! This requires that your control or PC have internet capability and also an aftermarket software such as PCAnywhere or NetMeeting. This is an attractive and economical alternative to on site help! Travel expenses NEVER apply and we can usually schedule to accommodate your desires!