Parametric Programming

Parametric Programming truly is the “best kept” secret of CNC. We would welcome the opportunity to show you how this programming technique can increase your profitability. The below example of a simple valance program illustrates that by only making two changes to the length and width parameters of the panel, the geometry of the cuts stay proportional. That means if you want this same style valance in various different sizes, you simply change the length and width parameters and that is it! One program…..dozens if not hundreds of sizes of that style…no program recreation, no re-posting through cam or creating new at the control, no re-proving. The below example comes from a Biesse Rover 20 with an NC500 control, other controls which support Parametric Programming are the NC1000, XNC or OpTix , All Fanuc controls with Custom Macro option installed, Num Controls and numerous others. Contact us to schedule a parametric programming training session, or contact us to create custom parametric program for your specific needs