We will gladly come work with you on a consignment basis to accomplish your goals. If you are purchasing a new machine and feel you may want technical assistance on site longer than provided by the manufacturer, or you have several unusual projects upcoming and want on site resources at your disposal, or perhaps you just want to leverage our experience with your workforce. One common example of this is customers wanting to use aggregate style tooling for the first time. Allow CCS to assist you in gathering information, developing and implementing strategic ideas, formulating “lean” manufacturing solutions. Whatever your particular needs, contact us and we will be glad to assist you.


We routinely design custom jigs for customers. We just completed a fixture for a customer, which allows 360 degree machining capability on a 3 through 5 axis router.  A jig of this type can be used to reduce the number of operations required to complete a component, increase throughput, and provide better overall quality. We strive to incorporate the use of after-market components so you can replace worn or unserviceable components quickly through well known national suppliers. We will interact with you on jig and fixtures as much as YOU deem needed.  You can only consult with us, have us design it complete or couple this with our  On-Site Jig & Fixture Training to get you well on your way to making high quality jigs for YOUR products!

AutoCad and Offline Programming Techniques and Assistance

We also offer on-site Auto Cad assistance. If you are new to AutoCad and would like an entry-level course customized for you, we will! We can also help with several offline CAM programs. Contact us for more information.